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The Attack


This is a turn-based game whose goal is to catch the opponents flag. You can play in solo versus three different level AI, or you can play versus one other player with the pass and play mode, wifi mode or bluetooth mode. Choose a mode, pick a color and let the war begin !The Attack is an adaptation of a boardgame from the start of the 20th century called "LAttaque". This old boardgame inspired the more recent and more known boardgame "Stratego".Coming soon :New mode : Online multiplayer## The Attack features ## - Free and complete. - Available in 5 languages : English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. - 4 games modes : solo, multi pass and play, multi by wifi, multi by bluetooth. - 2 maps sizes : 5x5 for a quick game and 10x10 for authenticity. - 10 pieces colors : Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Gray, Pink and Cyan. - 4 maps backgrounds available. - Auto-save of your current game.